Friday, October 14, 2011

One thing that I have LOVED about living here is meeting so many amazing people that I wouldn't have had the chance anywhere else. I have friends from all over the world! How cool is that? We love learning about their cultures and beliefs and ah, the food!! I love when they cook for us. Bennett has a dear friend that lives upstairs and she is from India and everyday Bennett begs me to let him go outside to play with her. We love this family! I have learned so much about their culture and it is eye opening. Tabassum (my friend and the mom) has taught me about the religion of Hindi (she is a convert) and not playing outside during the sunset because of the mahasib belief. Her food is to DIE for and she is the sweetest person I have ever met. She tells me that living in America is life changing not only because of the culture, but in India she has help that she doesn't get here like a nanny, cook, maid, and chauffeur. No wonder Americans who live outside of the country don't want to come more pampered ex-pat packages.
Here are Ila and Bennett (the prince and princess) and again as superheros. Good thing they are here to save the day!!

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Matt and Jessie said...

I found your blog! Super cute Bennett! Thanks for the fun morning. Ike has talked about Bennett all day! You guys will have to come over when we get back!